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The Why: Bridging the gap 

Prefabrication and offsite construction increase construction performance.

Quality, productivity, and speed can be achieved at lower cost in a controlled environment - the factory. Large prefabricated elements are shipped to site for efficient assembly by small teams.

Offsite construction moves most of the design and trade coordination from the traditional to the virtual construction site. Virtual builders create and optimise models for factory production and on-site assembly, taking architectural and engineering 
3D BIM modelling well beyond their current use: in this digitally integrated way of building, models communicate with machines.

Like the traditional builder, we -the virtual builder- translate design information into factory and construction site ready information, ensuring ease of manufacture in the factory and genuine build-ability and efficiency on site.

Precision planning enables the seamless evolution of your project concept into an optimised design for manufacture, and eventually a highly efficient build. 
Precision planning engages Lean Manufacturing and Lean Construction principles. Precision planning increases quality and productivity while adding certainty.
Precision planning lifts customer satisfaction.

Offsite Design has been created with the purpose to be the best precision planner and virtual builder (DigiBuildTM) for prefabricated timber buildings in New Zealand.

No matter whether you are a fabricator, builder, contractor, designer or developer we can help improve your project to suit your business needs.

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