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Our services

At Offsite Design we provide specialist engineering and consulting services to designers, prefabricators, contractors and anyone interested in building with wood and timber systems. By combining specialist timber engineering expertise with state of the art prefabrication know-how, we enable our clients to materialise the timber buildings of tomorrow.


Our clients include:


We translate architectural and engineering designs into factory ready fabrication models and shop drawings. 

All fabrication information can be delivered paper-based or as machine-readable files to interface with automated CNC machinery.

New to Prefabrication?

We can help prefabricators to get started or lift their game. We advise on prefabrication processes, plant layout planning design, machine/software selection, standard details, CAD/CAM integration.


We optimise projects for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) ensuring projects are efficient in prefabrication and fast during on-site construction.


We are using state of the art BIM and fabrication modelling software and can seamlessly interface with the lead designers on timber projects.


Designers new to prefabrication and timber systems are able to inform their projects for improved buildability and efficiency during any stage of their design.

Contractors & Builders

Owners & Developers

We help optimise your project for Manufacture and Assembly combining BIM tools with our extensive experience in prefabrication of timber buildings. This allows us to identify potential construction issues prior to work commencing on site and therefore ultimately reducing project risk by streamlining your construction process.

We provide BIM collaboration, high level logistics planning, 4D construction analysis, BIM to Field services, and digital or paper-based prefabrication information.

At heart we are timber designers passionate about building with wood.


We are comfortable designing and engineering across all timber systems to help materialise the vision of our clients. From small residential to large commercial timber buildings.