Factory Services

Offsite Factory Services are aimed at prefabricators, from start-up to those already in production. 
Prefabrication factories are manufacturing operations and need to be carefully engineered around a desired prefab product range. 

From Product to Process.

We always start with the targeted prefab product in mind, by helping to develop your prefab system, standard details, building typologies, and then tailor the factory around this product range.

At the core of this process is prefabrication as a higher quality and more efficient alternative to traditional construction. The level of automation and technology in your factory will emerge in this process, depending on your prefab product, the volumes and price point you would like to achieve. There is no one size fits all when it comes to prefab factories.

Our team have hands-on experience working in factories in New Zealand, Germany, and Switzerland.

We also provide Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) services, including any results in machine-readable, factory-friendly formats. Once your factory is up and running, Offsite Design are able to support your prefab journey by producing fabrication models and develop your inhouse CAD/CAM systems and design office as required.

Photo: BDF e.V.

Services and Expertise

  • Prefabricated timber systems and standard details

  • Factory planning and machine selection (supplier independent)

  • Digital fabrication models and shop drawings, incl CNC machine files (Weinmann, Hundegger, Randek, and others)

  • System Certification, QA and Compliance

  • Process analysis and prefab process improvement

  • Prefab business fundamentals – business planning, prefab product costing, and more.

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